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October 6, 2005 by ItechDev
I was sorting through my email this morning and opened up something from Yahoo, maybe my first mistake, but anyways.

it's Called Yahoo 360.

it's a place where you can share your blogs and pictures. It also has a system where only your "Friends" can see your posts and i assume respond to them.

Sounds interesting... I wonder if anyone else has thought of this........

OHHHH That's right, Stardock has about over a year ago!!!!

I looked at it and laughed. Just thought i'd share it ...
October 6, 2005 by ItechDev
Hi all,

I've been shopping around lately to see where i should place my client's based website with the intetion of promoting and also submitting the site to the main search engines.

Well, one thing that I have been running into at each Hosting provider is some type of proprietary promotion/marketing service each provider has that will take your site, assist in telling you just what key words to use to search bots index your page, and also the easy submission to multiple search e...
March 11, 2005 by King Punjabi's
Hello JU Community,

We have recently done some work behind the scenes to begin the process of making JU a faster site to browse and enjoy. 

Of course along the way there are a few speed bumps such as comments dissapearing. 

Please let us know if you have experienced this by posting the article your comment originated from.

Thanks again,

JU Development Team
July 14, 2004 by King Punjabi
June 15, 2004 by King Punjabi
In attempts to find some a higher level of code reuse as far as user-defined controls are concerned, I turn to the custom controls.  These controls give the developer a way to encapsulate some commonly used "Stuff" over and over again promoting reusable code.

ahh yes reusability, the dream of every man and woman.  Of course we have seen it done in all languages and is definately no different and promotes it with Custom User Controls, and Custom Server Controls.

May 20, 2004 by King Punjabi
Well, T-man is spending much of his hard working time speeding up our sites, I have been working on getting some basic functionality up and running for the new personal pages for wincust. I think the base is very time consuming, much of my time is spent thinking of ways to make the base functionality, and the classes that make it up generic enough such that expanding on this will be fairly easy.  The Plug In Plug Out way of doing things!  Thinking outside of the box! Very hard i think ...
May 19, 2004 by King Punjabi
Well, after all that great talk about custom server controls, i have decided at the moment to use User Controls becuase given the tme frame i do not have enough time to learn the pipelining and how to fully optomize it's uses. 

Today well, I fixed the following:

1. In the Channel Rss Feeds for blog navigator, change the title from to

2. If a person gets approved to join a blog group, then automatically add them to the custom audience that has the same name as the blog group site ...
May 6, 2004 by King Punjabi
I'd like to take a second and say good bye to two things:1. ADO 2.x (whatever version they are on)2. SQL Injection That's right people SQL Injection Ain't effecting or affecting US anymore!!!We have the dang cure and it comes in the form of ADO.NET's SQLCommand Object. Simply put, we no longer have to construct queries in the matter of: SQL = "SELECT * FROM Users WHERE NickName = '" & trim(request("NickName")) & "'" Which is Susceptible to SQL Injection which can then...
February 27, 2004 by King Punjabi
It has come to our attention(Admins), that submitting a rating has become abused somewhat so the rating system has been updated.

Every user, including admins, are only allowed to submit a rating, on an article or reply to an article, 10 total times within any given 24 hour span.

So if you are feeling generous and feel like giving articles an insightful rating or feeling frisky and trolling as many replies as you can get your hand on, remember one thing, WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!!!! S...
February 11, 2004 by King Punjabi
We are consolidating the categories list.
February 10, 2004 by King Punjabi
test test
February 4, 2004 by King Punjabi
Alright, I know it has been said already by Brad, but the sub forums are up and running. Although starting out small for now, each Category can potentially have X-amount of "Sub-Topics" to post under.

So, take for instance Politics.

When you are posting you will see two drop down menus. If you have selected the Politics Category, then the page will refresh with a second drop down menu displaying the following options:

[General Discussion]
January 23, 2004 by King Punjabi
Pundi for everybody!!
January 21, 2004 by King Punjabi
Worked on joeUser much of the day. With the big chief out of the office I had a difficult time figuring out some of our higher level queries and such. My agenda today was to get the points system implemented onto the forums, but didn't even get a chance to tackle that task due to the grief that the blog groups caused me today. With Good night's sleep tonight, I hope a productive day will be awaiting for me.
December 29, 2003 by King Punjabi
It may sound wierd, but this time of year, right before the new year is my favorite time of the year. Forget the holidays, the birthdays, the winter, spring, and fall. Right around this time, 12/29 before the drop of the new year is the time when i get to set some personal goals for myself to acheive. I'm not sure why i love this time so much. Maybe it's because i've learned to be a very goal oriented person, or maybe i just like to see myself succeed in whatever i do, but setting goals for ...